The Greater Austin Metropolitan Area maintains just as much charm and allure as the main city but with fewer crowds and fuss. Leander sits a few miles north of Austin, where this smaller and quieter city packs a punch fueled by the life and activity of its neighboring city. This is ideal for those who’re interested in living a life that’s suburban, convenient, and full of options when it comes time to go out and have fun. Categorized as a fast-growing city, restauranteurs have taken a liking to Leander’s patrons. The atmosphere is considerably more relaxed and less high-pressure than in Austin, so the restaurant culture has a different feel to it.

Texas as a whole is known for being a state full of amazing places to eat, many of which are located within the confines of Leander. Since it’s a smaller city, culinary excellence is consistently recognized due to locals being more engaged and interactive with local businesses. From chains that can be found throughout the state to individual eateries that you’ll only find in Leander, this city is full of dining options to keep you nourished during your endeavors.


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In an area populated with endless options for barbecue and Tex-Mex cuisine, the Italian food here is a nice change of pace. Locals have made sure this appreciation doesn’t go unnoticed, consistently noting Bella Sara as the best restaurant in the city. Classic Italian-styled interior decor is accented with white tablecloths and crystalline wine glasses that allow guests to ponder if they’ve stepped into a little piece of Italy. Classic recipes are made with fresh and locally- sourced ingredients to keep the quality of dishes up to par with what you would receive in any Italian city. From classic salads to authentic pasta dishes made with in-house pasta, there’s an Italian favorite to suit all taste buds. Classic wines include standard American favorites or imported Italian options. Traditional sweets like tiramisu and cannoli are perfect for an after-dinner treat.


Sky Asian Fusion is known for an Asian-inspired menu full of options that can be either fun and experimental or comfortable and deliciously safe—after all, this is one of Leander’s leading options for Asian cuisine. And the restaurant capitalizes on its fun and creative dishes by adding interior decor touches that are equally as fun and interesting. The white tablecloths come with fun prints like colorful carrots and turnips, accentuated by beautiful plates rimmed with warm, earthy colors. Sky Asian Fusion maintains an atmosphere that’s upscale yet casual—perfect for weekends or weeknights that require a delicious meal with loved ones. The menu is packed with traditional items like bao sliders and crab rangoons alongside other delicacies like ribeye.


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This colorful eatery is known for providing the city with boundless dishes of flavorful Mexican cuisine. Every dish is an upscale take on the food you’d traditionally find exploring the streets of a Mexican city. The authenticity and flavorful recipes—created with the help of local produce— are truly an experience to behold. Tex-Mex cuisine is easy to find throughout Leander, but the more traditional options that line the menu here are refreshing and straightforward for those in search of traditional Mexican food. Classics like guacamole and chips, chicken tacos, and taquitos line the menu, many with vegan or gluten-free choices that allow everyone to experience the deliciousness. Blue Corn Harvest recently expanded to offer brunch as well, so no one has to wait until the end of the day to enjoy their favorite dish!


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Another option for experiencing Asian flavors, Kai Sushi has become a staple in the area for fresh rolls and cuts of fish with a pair of beautiful chopsticks. Classic rolls like California rolls and salmon rolls are popular for their flavorful simplicity and fresh ingredients. The creative skills of this restaurant’s sushi chefs don’t hurt either. Four more seasoned sushi connoisseurs’ standard offerings of sashimi and nigiri can be found on the menu as well. Luxury seafood items like octopus and Aji tuna are raved about by regulars, who make sure to visit Kai Sushi often. The lunch and dinner options, as well as the Asian-inspired cocktails, pack a punch that has gained the restaurant a 4.5-star rating and a beloved spot in the hearts and stomachs of locals. Options for both delivery and pick-up make take-out easy and simple for when your sushi craving hits.


Casamigos Tex-Mex has stolen the hearts of local connoisseurs of Tex-Mex cuisine. Tex-Mex dishes are already fantastic by design, but this eatery imparts the extra effort to make their dishes truly top-notch. Casual interior decor with hints of modern pop culture, history, and a Mexican color palette greet guests in preparation for their dining experience. With the option to choose from both indoor and outdoor seating, you’ll be served delicious meals on silver trays accompanied by an array of flavorful sauces and condiments that’ll pair with your meal perfectly. Classics like tacos, burritos, and smoked meats are best paired with a house drink and a friend to share with.

Leander is no doubt an up-and-coming staple in the Greater Austin Metropolitan Area, and its talented chefs and foodie entrepreneurs are doing what they can to capitalize on it. The area is also a hotspot for homes in Leander, with both new developments being fashioned and pre-existing homes on the market. Contact Angelica Foster today to discuss your Leander real estate goals.

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